Make a Donation

PUPs is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization, ID number 20-3347053. Your donations are tax-deductible.

An annual donation of $20 makes your family a valuable contributing supporterĀ  of the Performing Arts at Mission San Jose High School.

Why donate?

    • The performing arts benefits everyone in the school
      • Music is a vital part of our culture and in student learning.
    • There is not enough money in the school to fund all of the performing arts programs
      • Music at the football games is a tradition that should be kept.
    • Music at school assemblies makes the events more lively and memorable
      • Theater and Music helps children in their mathematical thinking for our school scores
    • Life is not just book academics. All Cultures have music.
      • Support your children and your school.
    • Donate $20
      • We are not all performers of music, but we all enjoy it.

How Much to Donate

Different tiers of sponsorship have been established for donation to the program:

  • $20 – Supporter of the Arts
  • $100 – Bronze Supporter of the Arts
  • $250 – Silver Supporter of the Arts
  • $500 – Gold Supporter of the Arts (buys one band uniform)
  • $1000 – Platinum Supporter of the Arts

If you prefer, you can donate any amount of your choice. These options are available to you in both of the following methods for donating.

How to Donate

Donate online using your credit card You may make a donation online through
Donate offline by printing donation form Alternately, you can print a copy of the payment form, attach a check or fill in credit card info and turn it in to the department, or at Maze Day if beginning of the academic year
Purchase a Fine Arts and Eats card Card is good only for Calendar year, but $25 costs us $5, and $20 is for the fundraiser.